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7/4/07 - latest news

There are now 16 households from 1911 for which data is shown on this site, and there's a link to a seventeenth household on another site (see the Sharing data page).

If you have applied for, and received, information from the 1911 Census and would be prepared to share it with others, please email share@1911census.info

First data received 25th January

The Sharing data page shows a transcription of the first record that has been sent to us, the Wells family in West Ham, Essex. 

Information available now - at a price!

The moment we've been waiting for has arrived! You can now obtain information from the 1911 Census of England & Wales provided that:

you know the precise of the address of the household
you are prepared to pay the National Archives a fee of 45

There is a link to the search enquiry form here and there's also some advice based on the experience of others who have already submitted requests.

Are you planning to request 1911 data?

Are you considering paying 45 (per household) to obtain information from the 1911 Census under the Freedom of Information Act?

If so, would you be prepared to share the information with others?

Please write to share@1911census.info

Raw recruits to handle FOI requests 

Our spies have been to Kew this week to find our what they could in advance of the first release of 1911 Census information on Wednesday 17 January. Here's what they told us:

"Apparently the staff who are going to be researching the census are all new recruits - in fact they only started work on Monday 8 January!

"Although we tried to obtain a copy of the web form that members of the public will need to complete we were unsuccessful, and it seems it may not be available until 17 January. However, we understand that by submitting a request now under the existing procedure for Freedom of Information requests it could be possible to get preferential treatment."

Information requested under the Freedom of Information Act must be provided within 20 working days. There is an explanatory leaflet on the National Archives site here.

Information provided under the Freedom of Information Act is available not just to the applicant, but also to the general public, and will be available for inspection at Kew in the the Reading Room. We are currently looking at ways in which as transcript could be made available online (as we understand it images of the census pages are Crown Copyright).

Census to be released early!

The 1911 Census of England & Wales was taken on 2 April 1911, and until December 2006 it was not anticipated that the information would be made publicly available until January 2012. Indeed, as recently as September 2006 the National Archives posted an article confirming the 2012 date.

However, on 13 December 2006 the National Archives issued a press release announcing that following a determination under the Freedom of Information Act, most of the information from the 1911 Census will be made available online in 2009.

Until then an emergency service will be offered from 17 January 2007 whereby information from a specific address will be supplied at a cost of 45 pounds, which is the standard research fee. Until the census has been digitized it will not be possible to search by name.

For more details of this service click here.

There is currently no information about the 1911 Census of Scotland, but the release date is not expected to be affected. 

What is available now?

Statistical information from the 1911 Census is available at the Vision of Britain site - click here to see the relevant page (it will open in a new window).

The 1911 Census for Ireland was released some time ago, and can be inspected in Dublin. However there is a project to put both the 1901 and 1911 Censuses of Ireland online, and it is anticipated that this will commence during 2007.

When will more news be available?

Bookmark this page to ensure that you have the latest news about the census. You can also join our mailing list by emailing subscribe@1911census.info



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